A Brightbox Story

On a blustery, golden Autumn day back in 2005, it was a row of Victorian mansions in Holland Park, London, that crystallised the magic of natural light for me. The day’s fading rays were complimenting the architectural majesty of the grand entrances and the impact was stunning; timeless.

I had long been fascinated by power of natural light, having worked with lighting and interior designers for over a decade prior, and it is always a privilege to be able to work in beautiful buildings and alongside great creative names. Yet, somehow it was this precise moment when I knew – with absolute clarity – what I wanted to create in Brightbox. Brightbox exists to provide a refined variety of lighting product options that will serve to enhance and accentuate creative design alter the atmosphere of a space. We are not about designer lighting, but about designed lighting. We want to hand over the tools for everyone to be able to create their own vision and see it in – literally – the very best light.

Now, our two decades of hands-on experience has helped us to carefully select every product within the Brightbox range and is intrinsic to the additional support we offer. We hope you find what you need quickly and easily, but if you do have a question please do get in touch with our team of experts.

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