brightbox lighting

Accent Lighting

Using a linear fluorescent strip or high power LED strip into a recessed area, such as a cove is an ideal way to add subtle background light to a room. For a dramatic bookshelf effect, install linear LED strip/tape light source horizontally behind a chunky shelf to give a wash of light at the back of the bookshelf.

Accent Lighting - Step / Floor Lighting

Step Lights are used to light a path without turning on all the lights. Great for use in staircases, hallways and bathrooms.

Accent Lighting - Wall Trimless

These trimless recessed wall lights are designed to be seamlessly plastered into the wall making them look like part of the architecture. Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, hall ways and staircases.

Accent Lighting - LED Strip

Accent Lighting - IP Rated LED Strip

Accent Lighting - linear LED

Accent Lighting - Uplighters

A well place uplight adds ambiance to any area of a room that light would usually not reach. Perfect for accent lighting a feature wall.