brightbox lighting

Down lighting

Downlighting is generally used for accenting features. There are a wide range of options when it comes to downlighting, including, architectural recessed baffle round and square down lights. Take a look at our downlights range to help you make the best decision that’s right for you.

Down lighting - Architectural Range

Our ‘Architectural Downlights’ range is a collection of Orluna Downlights that can help serve any architectural lighting demand.

Down lighting - Mini Range

These products have an 18mm deep black baffle and white light textured powder-coated outer bezel. These are small discrete bezels but, like all Orluna products, these bezels accept all Orluna light engines.

Down lighting - Dino Range

Down lighting - Detail Range

This Detail range took a large amount of care and attention to get exactly right (including 0.7mm baffle) so that it looks “discrete and light” in the ceiling. These products have an 18mm deep full-length baffle to the front of the bezel.

Down lighting - Curve Range

When dimmed, the curve of the bezel gives a gentle glow which appears to “grow” as the light output is then increased. This effect is achieved through a combination of the curve having a constant radius, together with textured paint and textured glass.

Down lighting - ShadowLine Range

The ShadowLine™ range is designed to be the most comprehensive trimless range available. There are 8 different designs to choose from in the ShadowLine range, and an additional 8 designs in the EyeLine™ range.

Down lighting - Colourbox

Down lighting - EcoLED

Down lighting - Levello