brightbox lighting


A pendant light, sometimes referred to as a drop or suspension light, is a lone light fitting that hangs from the ceiling usually suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod. Pendant lights can be used in multiples and they are often hung in a straight line over kitchen table and dinette. Pendants vary greatly in size and energy efficiency and style, so selecting the right pendant needs careful consideration.

Pendants - Louis Poulsen

Pendants - David Hunt Lighting

Our hand picked selection of pendants from David Hunt Lighting features contemporary designs with a nostalgic nod to mid-century modern composition.

Pendants - Buster + Punch

Buster + Punch’s uniquely designed pendants have been influenced by its city of birth. London’s fashion, music and sub-culture of street art & speakeasies have clearly inspired Buster + Punch’s extraordinary designs.

Pendants - Domed Design

Our range of Domed Pendants from Oxford-Born ‘Original BTC’ combine Modern trends with rich post industrialisation. These elegant pendants range from cosmopolitan to factory-style, making them ideal for lighting up any Kitchen or dining surface.

Pendants - Cone Design

Our Selection of Original BTC’s ‘traditional with a modern twist’ Coned Pendants are the ideal choice for dining tables and kitchens. Rise & fall options allow for adjustable heights instantly changing the mood of a room.

Pendants - Drop Design

The Drop One Pendant range from ‘Original BTC’ can be installed individually for an elegantly simple central light or grouped together for an eye-catching feature light for any room.

Pendants - Bespoke Simple

We reserve our ‘Bespoke Simple’ range for pendants that have a decorative, elegant form but are uncomplicated in design. These expertly crafted lights are from Heathfield & Tom Dixon.

Pendants - Orb Design

These contemporary ‘orb’ pendants from Tom Dixon & Bocci, add ambiance to any space. Perfect as feature lighting in stairwells, dining rooms & exterior spaces.

Pendants - Detailed Design

Our ‘Detailed Design’ range is comprised completely of bespoke pendants from Ochre. Ochre have been creating stylish, contemporary lights with high quality craftsmanship for over 20 years.