brightbox lighting

Wall Lights

Our wall lights can be used for a range of lighting requirements such as decorative, effect or task lighting applications.

Wall Lights - Original BTC

Original BTC’s long history can be seen in the design of their lights which blend vintage styles with modern ideas. This collection of Original BTC Wall lights have been handpicked by our team.

Wall Lights - Picture Lights

A picture light is a staple of any art gallery as it’s the traditional method to bring life to any painting or picture. Our collection of simple, modern picture lights have been supplied by Porta Romana & Astro.

Wall Lights - Architectural

A wall light mostly ends up illuminating the actually surface it’s against so its very important to think about the effect that it creates. A well thought out flood of light can completely change the feel of a room.

Wall Lights - Decorative

Our range of wall lights from Heathfield & Co, Porta Romana, Astro and Louis Poulsen have been handpicked as they all illuminate the interstices of their design when lit.

Wall Lights - Task Lighting

Ideal for bedroom reading lights, These high quality adjustable task lights are the perfect blend of functional & modern design.