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RTC Bridge


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Interface with wireless dimmers with Ethernet, iPhone, or Android link. Fitted with TCM time clock module allowing event timed commands, holiday simulation mode, macro & button mapping.

Product Specifications

Product Description


Supplied with Rako software allowing programming & configuration of the wireless system´╗┐.


RTC-Bridge will add the following features to a RAKO wired system:

Ethernet interfaceincluding remote control via Smart Phone.
Wireless Operation.Use Rako Wireless modules in conjunction with wired system.
Timed EventsAutomatic functions at fixed times or triggered by dawn & dusk times.
MappingCommands from wall controllers can be redirected to perform other tasks.
MacrosComplex series of commands that are triggered by a single command or event.
Holiday ModeReplays recorded scene activity, creating an occupied look to a property.
MonitorDiagnostic display of system activity.

Note: Includes Power Supply